I just played my first offical 18 Holes of 2010. It was 37 degrees when I teed off, the wind was blowing at about 20mph out of the north. i was wondering what I was doing. One of the members reminded me that this was nothing compaired to what I might encounter this October when a group of us travel to Ireland. I hit my first tee shot, left, way left. I found it and made a par. There was no turning back, I was going to play 18 holes so I might as well try and enjoy it. I did, I finished -1 (70) making a 40 foot birdie putt on the last hole. It was fun having your winter mits, a winter hat and under armour on. Shooting 70 is really what made it fun. I hit some shots that I never practice and hit them exactally where I wanted too, and it is only April 17th. At one point during the round I hit a 7 Iron from 130 into the wind, through snow or hail, or ice balls and stuck it 12 feet. It was great to hit shots and hit them well, this early in the year. The question is why did I play so well? Was it all the off-season workouts, the practice sessions and lessons? I don’t know yet but I’m sure that this offseasson had something to do with it. I can’t wait to get out there again.