A couple days ago, I worked with a student who has been struggling with his driver on the course. He warmed up on the range with some irons, and then pulled out his driver. His contact was good and he was hitting the ball solid. I then told him to pick out a target and hit a few drives. This is when I noticed some problems. Having him pick out a target simulates hitting a drive on a hole. I noticed that his shoulders were closed to his target, causing him to hit a high block to the right, or he would flip his hands and hit a low and left hook. If you look at better players most of them have their shoulders a little open to there target. This allows them to clear and still come from the inside. So I let my student know and we made a simple change. The result was improved aim and more consistant shots. We took this on to the golf course, and he hit a couple good ones, but he still hit some blocks. As we stepped on the last holes tee box, he was still a little frustrated, but upbeat. I had him move 2 inches away from the ball and reminded him about his shoulders. All the sudden the light bulb turned on and he belted two drives within 10 feet of each other. (He hit two because he could not believe how well he hit the first one.) These two simple tips helped a lot and more importantly gave my student the confidence he needs to be successful on the course.