This time of year, espically with it being nice in Buffalo, I don’t really get a chance to play, unless it rains. Yesterday after finishing work I was hitting balls on the driiving range when my boss asked if I wanted to play a quick 9. I abliged and we teed it up. 1st hole I hit it twenty footer for bird. I missed all three. Oh well not too bad in the rain. I made bogey on the par 3 fourth had a 18 footer for bird on the 5th and 6th, missed those, but made birdy on 7 from five feet, and made a twenty foot slider on the 8th for birdy. Now I was one under and in a better mood. I pared the ninth for a score of 35 on my first complete nine holes of the year. I was happy. My new Cobra ZL driver only missed one fairway out of seven. My irons were solid, putting was the worst part. All the off season workouts and practice has paid off so far, let’s see if it can continue throughout the season. Oh yea the guy I played with, he shot 34. I have been an Assistant Golf Professional for 7 years with Tim and I have yet to beat him. That stinks. This year I will.