My last post was entitled KISS Method and I talked about how I have been busy teaching, that also means I have been busy NOT playing golf. Me not playing golf lately translated into a last place better ball team score of 74 at Lockport Town and Country Club. My partner and I had a tough time helping each other out. We had a double bogey 5 on a par three on the card. He made 4 birdies and I made ZERO. I usually grade my game in a few catagories, here are my grades for Lockport.
Driving: D
I hit 5 of 14 Fairways nothing can be said except Terrable
Iron Play: C
Even though I hit 13 of 18 Greens in Regulation, I was not even sniffing the hole. All my iron shots were pulled left and ended an average of 20ft away from the hole.
Putting: D-
I don’t even know why I’m not giving myself an F here. I had 35 putts in the round and two 3-putts. I had no feel and everytime I get over a putt, I don’t know what is going to happen. I have no feel with the putter right now.
Wedge Game: C
Not good. I got up and down a few times, but could not stick it close on the 30 or 40 yard shots. Around the greens was ok. I got up and down a few times but the touch is still not there.

I can be tough on myself and I am still frustrated at how I played 24 hours after the round. But I also realize that I have not put the time in to make my game better. Right now, I am not ready to win events. I know that and I have to make more time to practice. I do love teaching though and I do not want to give that up for my own game. I love seeing others improve and get better. One of my students shot 101 from our White Tees at Transit Valley one day, the next day he shot 84 from the Gold Tees (about 400 yds shorter)! When he came in and told me that was awesome. You could see how happy he was, and that is what I love about teaching. My game will come around, probally in September.