You just sank a birdie putt on the 18th hole of your Club Championship to force a playoff. Your second shot goes into a hazard among some grass, twigs and reeds. On your backswing you barely touch one of reeds. What is the proper thing to do? You just violated rule 13.4 moving a loose impediment during a takeaway. Do you hope no one else saw what happened and keep playing? Or do you call the violation on yourself and take a 2 stroke penalty and all but hand the championship to your fellow competitor? This situation happened to Brian Davis, a PGA Touring Professional, who was looking for his first Professional victory. What did he do? He did what people who have respect, honor, and integrity for the game of golf would do, and called himself on the violation. He lost a half a million dollars, and his first professional victory all for being honest. This is what golf is about. If you have a business deal going down, take your client to the golf course and see if they use their “foot wedge” or take 5 foot gimmies. Or see if they act like Brian Davis. If they play the game like Davis, I would do business with them. Remember you can learn a lot about a person on the golf course, let’s hope they all act like Brian Davis