I played my second practice round today, and came back to earth. My putting did. I had a rough round today, I made a couple double bogies and lost a couple balls. There was a bright spot near the end of the round. On the 17th hole; a 220 par 3, I put my tee shot in the front left bunker. The pin was front left, so I was short sided. Of course I knock it in the hole for a 2. Nice. This is a very hard, and to make a 2 is like stealing a shot. It is really amazing, the game of golf. One day it comes so easy, the next day it is like you never played the game before. At least that is what it feels like to me. I just played another practice 9 holes with my good friend from Oak Hill, Jeff Urzetta. Thank god. We played a great match and we both played pretty well. It was nice to meet up with a buddy and play 9 holes. Our match ended up tied after 9. Tonight is a night to rest and enjoy a nice dinner sponsered by Callaway and the PGA. My tee time is 11:30 tomorrow, I am as ready as I’ll ever be.