As I look back on the 34th Callaway National Assistants Championship, I cannot tell you how pleased I am with what I accomplished and learned about myself. This experience made me realize that I am a pretty good golfer that can compete with all the other PGA Professionals in the world. I am always pretty hard on myself, pushing my game to the limits, but I realized I need to work on the little things. Short Game! If you love the game of golf and want to get better fast, practice putting and chipping. You will improve 10 times fasterbif you just work on your short game. In Buffalo, it is tough to work on your short game year round. If you can get to the golf domes, or some of the other great facalities we have like Discover Golf to practice on the putting greens there, you will keep your short game in tact over the winter. The difference down here at the Assistants Championship was not how far I drove the ball, or if I hit greens (my stats in those 2 categories were among the best in the field in the first 2 rounds) it was rolling in putts on the greens. So this winter I will continue to work on my “long game” but I will defintally spend a lot of time working on my “short game.” I really enjoyed my time with my dad as he supported me the whole trip and cannot thank the members of Transit Valley Country Club enough as they helped one of my lifelong dreams come true. Some special thanks to Joe Huber for bugging everyone to help me out, Bruce Hoffman for all of his support and help and Tim Fries and Rod “the bod” Blair for being the most supportive and easiest guys in the world to work with. I am lucky enough to have a great support system at home and at work, which helps make my life a lot easier. As I leave Port St. Lucie, I wish I made the cut, but I know the next time I come back I will make it and I will know what to expect. On a side note how about the weekend the city of Buffalo had, a win for the Sabres at home and for the Bills. Thank God.