St Patty’s Day 2010 I played my first round of golf at a small public course, Terry Hills. The parking lot was packed and there were no tee times open. This was a site to see, March 17th, Buffalo, NY, snow still in some areas, and a packed public golf course. It really made me realize how many people love this game. I went out with one of my students who is an 8 handicap with the ability to be a 4. We got paired with two older gentlemen. They were not single digit handicappers, but that did not stop them for having a great time. As we worried about making pars they worried about pounding beers. These guys had a great time even though they shot around 60 for 9 holes. I make sure that I do not evaluate my game too much because we have been inside for five months. Make sure you are not too hard on yourself either. The spring is a time to get back into it and practice before you evaluate your game. So get outside and practice, and don’t evaluate yet, wait until the middle of April’s or the first of May. If you don’t like where your game is by then, call your local PGA Professional for some lessons. It may only take one lesson for you to improve your game. PGA Professionals are always around to help you with your game. Good luck and happy swinging. PS if you are ever out in Bataiva, NY you have to eat at Alex’s Place, great fire grilled ribs.