The month of May is Free 10 minute lesson month. I have may clients take advantage of this great promotion. One of my favorite lessons early in the season is a short game lesson. Over the winter months we loose our touch and feel around the greens. We lip out a ton of putts or hit poor chip shots. Here are a couple of drills that I like to do that help me get my focus back during the early months.

Putt through the Gates

Here is a great drill that I like to use. Most golfers miss breaking putts on the low side (they don’t hit the putt hard enough, or they don’t play enough break.) This drill gets you to visualize the break and putt through the gates. Place two sets of tees where you are going to hit your putt from, make sure your putter can get through them, place some more sets of tees down the path of the putt. Then start practicing. You will start to visualize putts like this on the greens when you are playing.