I did not get to see most of the final round, but it turned out to be pretty interesting. Tiger fires a 62 to get within 1 of Rory. Rory steps up and makes a bird to get the lead to 2 with 5 holes left. That was more then enough cushion for the now number one player in the world. Golf is a funny game, it goes to show you that you are never out of it. One of my mentors told me never give up always grind it out, because you never know what can happen. This turned out to be great advise, you might not win each time but at least you know you gave it your all. Golf can be a roller coaster ride, when you make a bogey try extra hard on the next hole to make a bird. If you make a bird or eagle, try not to give it right back. A little extra focus can go a long way during a round of golf.