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I offer a full range of instruction services for the individual, group or corporate setting and for golfers of all skill levels and ages.


My Philosophy

I don’t believe that all players can be fixed or helped by one particular method, which is why I believe it is important to customize each lesson to the individual student.

Individual Golf Lesson

Most amateur golfers can greatly improve their game with as little as 6 lessons. Each lesson is a half-hour in length. 9-hole and 18-hole playing lessons are available. I love improving people’s golf games, which is what I strive for after each lesson.

Our lesson does not end until we accomplish the goals we set at the beginning.

Group Golf Lessons

Group lessons are set up differently than individual lessons and can be based on golf topic, or simply a share of the time. Pricing is dependent on number of golfers.

Corporate Golf Lessons

I will tailor a lesson for your corporate outing. These Corporate lessons will reach each person in the audience and help them develop a part of their golf game.

Junior Golf Instruction

My experiences with junior golfers have been some of my most memorable and rewarding teaching memories. I offer a range of lesson options, experiences and approaches for the younger golfer.


Learn About My Approach


I frequently use video (V1 Pro) to give students a visual representation of their swing.

Launch Monitor

I utilize Flightscope technology to track swing speed, ball speed, club path and improvement throughout the lesson.


Physical Evaluation

A players physical ability must be evaluated before I can teach them a proper way for THEM to swing the golf club.


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Instruction Services

Your Path to Better Golf

I will tailor lessons to your needs.

A list of Golf Related Services I offer includes

  • ½ HR & Full HR Lessons
  • Video Lessons
  • Physical Screen and Fitness Workout Planner (Tailored by Titleist Performance Institute, (TPI))
  • On-course Lessons
  • Playing Lessons (9 or 18 Holes)
  • Club Repair – Re-grip, Re-shaft, Loft and Lie adjustments etc.
  • Comprehensive Club Fitting


For Individual Golf Lessons

Most golfers greatly improve within their first six lessons, from my experience.

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