I just wrapped up my After School Camps at Frog Hair and could not be more excited with how much the kids have improved. My youngest class ages 4 and 5 did fantastic. I had kids hitting driver over 100 yards! They learned the proper way to chip and putt and really improved their golf games. The most important thing is that they all had fun. My class with kids ages 7-14 also did fantastic. Each one of these kids improved their swing. We worked on more technical aspects of the golf swing and they enjoyed it. Working in golf simulators makes it hard for kids to judge distances but it teach them to visualize and feel disances. Each child learned a lot and defintally improved. My advanced class improved the most. We really worked on the technical aspects of the swing, watched video of PGA Professionals and worked on golf fitness. To see these 14 and 15 year old kids improve as much as they did made me feel like I really did my job as a golf professional. I had a lot of fun teaching all levels of kids and can’t wait to start the lessons again in November 2010.