It has been awhile since I last posted on my blog, but it is with good reason. I have been to busy to post. The golf season is just getting underway up here in Buffalo and more and more people are interested in getting better. I set a goal of teaching 5 lessons a week through out the summer, right now I’m averaging around 7. I would love for this to keep up. As I’m teaching I realize more and more that golfers are losing touch with basic fundementals. Check your alignment the next time you are struggling. Around 90% of the lessons I teach go over proper alignment. A simple drill to check your alignment is to get in your golf posture ready to hit, lay a club down by your feet and then by your clubface. Make sure those clubs are equadistant from each other. Get behind them and look at where you are aimed. Another struggle I have seen during my lessons is swing path. Here are some laws of ball flight. If you hit the ball with an open face it is going to slice. If you hit the ball with a closed face it is going to hook. It it important to know why the ball is doing what it is doing. Everytime you take a lesson as questions if you don’t understand why the Pro is making you do something. A good professional will explain why you are messing up and what he or she plans to do to help you. Now if you swing the club from inside to out with a square clubface you will hit a draw, and if you swing the club from outside to in (also known a cutting across) you will hit a fade. Your grip plays an important roll in ball flight also. A strong grip will promote a draw and a weak grip will promote a fade. Make sure you check your grip, this could answer a lot of your questions. These are a few of the things that I have been noticing during my lessons. Remember if you are struggling use the KISS method, Keep It Simple S*%#!d. Look at your grip, know the laws of the clubface and check your alignment. All of these fundemental checks will help you play better.