This past weekend I was lucky enough to see one of the greatest athletes in the world put on record setting show. I ventured out of Buffalo and headed to Cleveland Ohio to see the Cavs play the NY Knicks. The main reason I went to the game was to see Lebron and Shaq. The game started slow for one of the NBA’s best but when he got going he did not stop scoring. “King James” scored 24 points in a row and had 35 points at halftime, setting a Cavs record for points in a half. He ended up with 47 and he clinched the game with a 20 foot jumper with 30 or so seconds left. It was incredable to witness one of the games best perform at his best. He took over the game in the second quarter. It got me thinking about how golfers get in the “zone” and make birdie after birdie and shoot in the low 60’s. But it reminded me of the time I had 23 putts in an 18 hole round, still shot 68 but the hole looked like a giant garbage can and everything was going in. Just like Lebron this past Saturday, I kept thinking I was going to make every putt I hit that day and I almost did. It is a great feeling to be in the “zone,” just remember when you get there keep going for it and finish strong.