Today the temperature reached 75 degrees in Buffalo NY, no joke. It was a great day. I taught some lessons today and they went great. One of my students has always been a pretty good stick, but he has trouble getting off the tee. Last year we worked on his driver on the driving range and he did a great job, but it did not translate onto the golf course. He had a mental block when he stood on the first tee, he did not know what was coming out of the barrel. It would go left, low and hard, or a high slice. Today was a different story. He got on the 1st tee after hitting 20 balls on the range and piped a drive 290 in the fairway on the first hole at Transit Valley C.C. For those of you who have never played that hole, 290 in the fairway is excellent because that is the narrowest part of the fairway. He hit a good one on the second hole and fifth and sixth. There is no better feeling then seeing your students succeed on the golf course. This particular student needed to get his confidence up and this helped. I was watching people on the range and one of my students asked if I could give a quick lesson, of course I obliged. She was struggleing with her game and not makeing consistant contact with her irons. After 15 minutes I had her back on track. A lot of times we forget the basics. If I had one piece of advice for people who are struggling with their game, it would be to simplify and go back to the basics. This student was sliding and swaying and jumping at the ball a little bit. I went through some drills with her and by the end of the lesson all was well. Another great feeling, seeing her make consistant contact and strike the ball solid. I feel like it is already June and it is only the 1st of April.