After the round at Osprey

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured on a golf trip down to Orlando. My buddy Matt asked me if I would like to go on this trip last October and I said yes, after my wife gave me the ok. So we flew out early on a Saturday morning and played 18 right off the plane. Of course I played really well and gave myself high expectations the rest of the trip. The golf was a lot of fun, I played great some rounds and stunk others, but all in all I was pleased with my game. I still need to fix my putting. I am beginning to think that I need a sports shrink to get me out of this funk. By the end of the week I was striking the ball so well, I hit 15 greens and 10 of those shots were inside 12 feet. I could not buy a putt. The worst part was, before I hit it I already knew it was not going in. It is a bad feeling and one I do not wish on anyone. I cannot complain though I shot 74 with a couple of 3 putts in there. Enough about the golf. I only new one guy on this trip. There were anywhere from 12 to 14 at a time and each one of these guys was great. The group has a great dynamic. I was the youngest on the trip and one of the oldest guys was in his 70’s. Everyone got along though. We stayed in a great house with a pool, hot tub, full kitchen, washer, dryer, ping pong table and a bunch of other stuff. We only went out once I think, every other night we ate at the house. A couple of guys liked to cook each night and they made great meals. Really good meals. We drank each night too, whatever you wanted was there for you. Basically what I’m trying to say is that these guys do it right. They really have their s#%t together. The whole trip with flight might have cost me $1000. We played 8 rounds of golf at some nice places and had a really good time. I was glad I was invited on the trip and hope I will be invited back in the future.