My last play with the pro was played in 30mph winds, and it reminded me how much I would rather play in rain then strong winds. It also reminded me that if you strike the ball solid your shot will not be affected. I drove the ball the best I ever have on that windy day, and I walked away with a 75. My short game let me down a little but I was very happy with my score. I hit a 5 Iron from 145 dead into the wind. I also hit a 7 Iron from 210, this gives you an idea how hard it was blowing out there. The guys I played with played fairly well. Our team ended up shooting a 1 over par 72 gross, and a 2 of 4 net score of 138 or 4 under. I did record some of their swings on our par 3 17th hole, and here they are.