The night before the biggest tournament of my life so far, my father and I attended at great dinner put on by Callaway. Before dinner we grabbed a drink and listened to PGA Tour Professional Sam Saunders (pictured) talk about his game and being Arnold Palmer’s grandson. It was great. We then talked with some of the PGA of America’s brass. My dad and I had nice conversations with Past President, Jim Remy, and current Vice President, Ted Bishop. We also talked to a few other guys from the PGA and they all asked where I was from and who I worked for. There was one common comment when I told them I worked for Tim Fries, they all said “I know Tim, he is a great guy, please tell him I said hello.” I have to tell you it is pretty cool when you tell people who you work for and they all tell you that you work for one of the best guys in the industry. These guys are not from Buffalo, they are from all over the U.S. and they know how nice a guy Tim is. Sometimes I think some people do not get recognized for everything they do and I just want to make sure everyone realizes how lucky Transit Valley is to have Tim Fries as their PGA Professional. He is known all across the nation as a stand up guy, great player and wonderful PGA Professional. I know I’m lucky to work for him and being down here and talking to fellow professionals just re-affirmed what I knew. Dinner was also very good.