So Tiger Woods is back in the media, saying that he has never been happier with his kids. He enjoys making them mac and cheese instead of sitting at home alone channel surfing. He believes he is in a better place now and that his life has more balance. I don’t know if i believe him but you know what might help me believe him, a win. A bunch of wins actually. He was the most dominate athlete in golf for 10 years. He won everything. 2010 was the first year in his carrer that he did not record a single victory. When you play the game of golf you realize how amazing this streak was. To be that consistant all those years is remarkable. I wish I could consistantly have under 32 putts in a round of golf. I shy away from writting about Tiger, because I was a huge fan, I wanted him to win every tournament every week. In the 90’s I watched Michael Jordan, because he was the best and always will be. I didn’t let his off the court issues effect me. As I got older and became a golf professional I grew to love Tiger because of his dominace. I got married and understood the contract between a man and a woman. I blame Tiger for getting married, if he knew how crazy he liked to act he should have never been married and NEVER had children. I also don’t believe him when he says he didn’t know his actions were not the norm. Everything that unfolded last year really made me think about idolizing Tiger Woods. Now that a year has passed and I know people make mistakes I could see myself cheering for him again. But when I explaine to my kids who the greatest golfer ever was I will have to let them know that he was great on the course but off the course he was not the greatest person.