After a long day of work three PGA Golf Professionals decide to go out for a bite to eat. One of those Professionals is Tim Fries. As we walk into this establishment a man a the bar asks if we were golfing, we say no, because we just got done working a 10 hour day. The man does not stop there though, he got us to tell him we worked at Transit Valley CC. This excited him so much he grabbed his beer and asked if he could join us, before we could answer him he was sitting down and stairing at Tim. All of the sudden this man is overtaken by sheer excitement, because he realizes one of the three of us is Tim Fries. Tim Fries the Sweet Home High School “Legend” is this man’s idol. Just a sidebar, this man was not drunk either. Tim is one of the nicest guys I know, he is also the classiest gentlemen I know, so he answered questions, gave golf tips and carried on a 15 minute conversation with this man. After this guy cleared bar stools out of the way so he could show Tim his golf swing, he also remembered Tim’s swing from high school and showed him, the other PGA Pro and I were left amazed at this guys knowledge of Tim. We kept sipping and watching this conversation unfold, it was amazing. We just wanted to get away from work and golf, have a couple of drinks and enjoy each others company, that did not happen oh well. Tim is a great guy, he is a great boss, teacher, mentor and player. He has been the WNYPGA Player of the Year many times, just last year he was the sections leading money winner, I know he is a “Legend” in our small little section, but I did not know of his legendary status in the public. He deserves reconigation but this guy was on stalker level, scary. It really made me feel for professional athletes, I can only imagine what they go through. To finish this story Tim received a text message after 15 minutes of this guy and he had to go. We are still wondering if this was a legit text message. Tim left us with this guy and the first thing he said was “I’m so sorry I forgot your guys names because that was the LEGEND Tim Fries. I cannot believe I got to talk to the LEGEND Tim Fries.” I’m glad Tim made his day, and I would expect nothing less from him because he is fantastic guy and a golf legend.