Some of you might know that I am on Cobra staff. What that means is that Cobra provides me with their product and I play with it in tournaments. My sponsorship is similar to Villegas, Homes and Poulter except I’m not on national TV each weekend. I was lucky enough to have many companies offer me sponsorships, but I chose Cobra because they were owned by Acushnet. Acushnet also ownes Titleist and Footjoy, talk about golfs heavy hitters. Each year I’m provided with the newest Cobra clubs, Titleist wedges, balls, and gloves Cameron putters, Footjoy shirts and shoes. Acushnet and Cobra do it right and that is why I have stayed on their staff for more then 5 years. They make a great product, treat their staff members great and are always taking care of their customers. Yesterday I was informed that Cobra Golf was sold to Puma. My first reaction was oh no, what is Puma trying to do? Will I still have a contract? Some of these questions were answered. The sale does not go through until the end of August so Cobra Golf will go on the same for the rest of the golf season. Puma is looking to get in the hardgoods section of the golf business and expand their golf clothing line. If you have watched Villegas and Poulter you can see they like flashy, tight clothing and big belt buckles and they are perfect for the Puma brand. It would be great for Puma if they stayed on Cobra staff after this year, but who knows. So did the early season wins by Villegas and Poulter help convince Puma to make this purchase? I know Acushnet has really built up the Cobra Golf brand since they purchased it from Greg Norman. Only time will tell how this sale works out. I only hope Puma does a great job just like Acushnet did with Cobra.