This past Monday and Tuesday I participated in the Western New York PGA Section Championship at Park Country Club. Monday was a tough round, I shot 78. Before the round started I was discussing the condititions with by boss Tim Fries and we both decided that par would be a good score for the first round. I was happy with my 78 becasue I did not strike the ball well, but I got up and down from everywhere and putted well. Tim fired a 68 and was the first round leader by 2. My goal for the second round was to get into the money and shoot a round of 72. Mission accomplished. I fired a great round of 72 and made 4 birdies. It was a fun round and I was glad how well I played. I was lucky enough to be paired with 2 great guys, Eddie Suchora of The Park Club and Mike Kiel of Midvale C.C. They made the round very enjoyable. One of the best things about my profession is the guys you meet and get to know. Everyone talks to each other and cheers each other on during the round of golf. I was playing a little better then my two competitors but they were cheering me on as I was making birdies and pars down the stretch. I think that is great. So as I finished with my 72, I had to wait and see if I made a check. I also wanted to see my boss finish. I realized that I was going to make a check and even better then that my boss, Tim Fries won his first WNYPGA Section Championship by 6 strokes. He is a class act and he played great over the past two days. Visit for the complete results.